Breaking the Silence on Sexuality within the Orthodox Church

Fr Schmemann on Homosexuality

I’m posting this problematic bit from Fr. Alexander’s Journals, as I think it contains some interesting points, and serves as a convenient place to examine the issue of discernment of the mind of Christ (and who gets to..). I’ll come back and add my own comments later (I’m actually off to the Liturgy now), but please chime in, all. 

Why do all arguments condemning homosexuality consistently seem weak, as weak as the obvious (to me) impossibility of ordaining women? Is it not because everything that is evident in religion cannot be proven,  since the evidence is rooted in ‘bright knowledge,’ in communion with the ‘mind of Christ’? And proofs, in order to be proofs, must operate in a dark knowledge, in the logic of this world. According to logic, this world is always stronger, since this world fashioned logic to justify itself. Christ tells us about sin. Without Christ, sin is only a problem, which this world is solving, and the solution is always liberal, tolerant, positive, loving…The horror of contemporary Christianity consists of accepting this logic and in measuring faith by its laws.