Breaking the Silence on Sexuality within the Orthodox Church

Bp. Cassian Bezobrazov

Bishop Cassian Bezobrazov: Traditional and Free

We are perfectly aware that theological research ought to be on the one hand completely free and on the other hand rooted in Tradition.  We do not close our eyes to the fact that our encounter with the West has considerably enriched us.  Before the First World War we were well acquainted with German, particularly Protestant, scientific biblical literature.  During the course of our work in Paris, the treasures of French, English and American theological thought—not only Protestant but also Roman Catholic—have been open to us.  For it is in the confrontation of opinions that one is able to discover the Truth.  Facing new problems, enriched by new knowledge we are led to formulate responses which our forefathers had not the least idea, nor we ourselves had not wars and revolutions changed the face of the world and had not our points of view been overthrown.

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