Breaking the Silence on Sexuality within the Orthodox Church

Ioannis Edward Freeman

An Orthodox Presbyter’s Response to the Manhattan Declaration 16 Dec 2009

“An Orthodox Priest”

16 December 2009

I will not sign the Manhattan Declaration. It is not an Orthodox document. The theology behind it is not Orthodox. The approach to pastoral ministry it represents is not Orthodox. The fear, arrogance, and lack of compassion are not Orthodox. I am tired of hatred disguised as fidelity. I am tired of simple-mindedness and naiveté masquerading as wisdom. I am tired of politics being shoved down our throats by those who do not know the difference between political conservatism and Christianity. I am tired of Orthodox Christians who cannot differentiate between Calvinism and Orthodoxy, of being co-opted by the Christian Right, the Family, Focus-on-the-Family, the Republican Party, and the myriad evangelical converts to our Faith who have yet to unpack their religious baggage and whom we allow to cajole the Church into an alliance with extremists.

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Manhattan Declaration – Grouped Signatories 27 Nov 2009

List of Religious Leaders Signatories of the Manhattan Declaration, as of 27 November 2009

URL: (The original link in this post no longer exists.  This link gives a current list of leaders signing the document.)

There have been six Orthodox leaders (all part of either the OCA or the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of NA) to sign as of 27 November 2009:

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