Breaking the Silence on Sexuality within the Orthodox Church

Inga Leonova

Response to Myself by Fr. Robert Arida

Response To Myself

Is the legalization of same sex marriage/union a threat to the Orthodox Church’s stance on matrimony being the sanctified union of one man and one woman? This question is again becoming the focus of many Orthodox Christians in light of the recent passage by the New York State legislature to legalize same sex marriage.

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Christos Yannaras: In Praise of Marriage

The monk will never taste the experience (the real event) of sharing his life, his existence. Of sharing with someone else his body, his desire and his instinctive urges, the food that he has won by his labour, whatever sorrows he experiences, whatever joys. The monk will never share his name with anyone, that which ensures participation in the communion of relations. He will never taste any kind of sharing of himself, any “loss” of the “soul” a sharing or “loss” which is, moreover, also self-evident, “natural”, without the slightest possibility of being experienced as a reward for virtue.

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The Challenges of Dialogue

Here is the question I have been pondering for a long time: how does one get people to dialogue? The urgency of certain issues is clearly not recognized in the same way across the spectrum of our fellow sojourners in the Church. Similarly, the need for discourse is perceived as a dangerous challenge in many circles, a risk most in vulnerable positions, primarily ordained clergy and academics, are unwilling to undertake.

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The Paths of Discourse

Channeling my inner academic here, I’d like to offer an outline of what I think are very different paths that I see as being currently intertwined in our discussion. Perhaps it could be beneficial to separate them?  I am very interested in the input of the others in this group.

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